Updates to Part L - Are you ready?

Craig Degnan
Updates to Part L - Are you ready?

The first major update in 8 years of the Building Regulations Approved Document Part L will be enforced from 15th June 2022 and will apply to dwellings and non-domestic buildings. The regulations introduce significant improvements in energy efficiency standards and carbon reduction, and alongside the new Approved Document Part O -Overheating aim to deliver the interim step towards the new Future Building & Future Homes Standards in 2025. 

Key changes include: 

- 27 to 31% carbon reduction over current regulations

- Compliance Requirements for primary energy, CO2, fabric efficiency standards 

- Minimum standard for fabric & services 

- A significantly lower carbon factor and significant compliance advantages using heat pumps 

- Improved general services standards 

- Thermal bridging - removal of Accredited Construction Details (ACD’s) 

- Heating systems must be designed for 55o

- 100% air testing is required in dwellings 

- Planners can set higher standards than Building Regulations 

- Energy modelling / benchmarking mandatory for non-domestic buildings over 1000m2 

The transitional arrangements will last for one year, but are on a building-by-building basis (not site by site). So watch out anyone involved on large residential developments!

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